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Used by car dealerships, professional detailers and rental agencies nationwide and engineered to clean both  the white wall and the black walls of all tires, Spit Shine is one product that will DO IT ALL. Spit Shine cleans tires, car interior and upholstery, floor mats and also acts as an engine degreaser. Spit Shine has also proven effective as a concrete cleaner.

  • Biodegradable
  • Industrial Strength
  • Concentrated
  • Multi Purpose Automative Cleaner
  • Dissolves Grease, Dirt & Road Film
  • Makes White Whiter & Blacks Blacker

Stock # ACF

Sizes: 16 oz., 1 Gal., 5 Gal., 55 Gal.

Call for Pricing: 1-800-624-8186