• Premium Quality
  • Thick Clinging Formula
  • Disinfectant Concentrate
  • Deodorizes
  • Biodegraded
  • Removes Calcium Lime, Rust
  • Soap Film, & Hard Water Deposits
Porso Brite

Porso Brite is a professional strength premium quality hard water and build up remover. Porso Brite’s unique biodegradable formula, has been used by professional cleaners nationwide as a earth friendly, labor saving cleaner. It’s thick-clinging formula penetrates quickly to remove corrosion, oxidation, soap film, lime and hard water stains, mildew and rust. Can also be used to clean dish washers or washing machines.


  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Locker Rooms
  • Pool Areas
  • Camp Grounds
  • Health Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Airports
  • Super Markets & Convenience Stores
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Malls & Stores
  • Hospitals & Nursing Homes
Call for Pricing: 1-800-624-8186